CLAY & BUCK: Our Worst Fears Realized in Kabul


CLAY: We’ve been talking about the mess in Afghanistan now for a couple of weeks, and things have gotten much worse as we have been warning that they might be. We’re in the middle of a breaking news story. Multiple explosions outside of the Kabul airport have killed many and wounded at least three United States Marines. It is chaos on the ground in Kabul, the most disastrous foreign policy decisions of most of our lives made by the Biden administration.

Saigon on steroids. Benghazi on steroids. Whatever awful scenes you may be thinking of whether it’s Saigon in 1975 or you’re thinking Hillary Clinton and the Benghazi mess that went on, things are worse than that on the ground right now in Afghanistan. It’s likely, by the time our troops leave, that there are going to be thousands of Americans potentially still left behind. We could have hostage crisis situations which, thankfully, we have not yet had.

It’s certainly not safe for anyone who is trying to evacuate Afghanistan to get to the airport right now. We are going to be following all of this as this breaking news continues. The White House has a press availability scheduled. We will see what they have to say. We have got great guests lined up for you. Sean Parnell, who was on the ground in Afghanistan, will join us in the back half of this hour.

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