CLAY & BUCK & MEGYN: Kelly Says ‘The Most Woke Have The Most to Hide”

Megyn Kelly dropped by the Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show to discuss her new radio deal with Sirius/XM, wokeness run wild and more.

CLAY: I don’t know that they’re super important, but, Megyn, thanks for coming on. You’ve got a new show that’s gonna be on SiriusXM — so congratulations on that — in addition to the podcast.

MEGYN: Thank you.

CLAY: So I’m curious what you think, having been through a lot of the wildness that is television, news — sports is connected to news as well – -this sort of diversity and inclusion “woke-off,” that I’ve been calling it (chuckles) that ESPN had where Rachel Nichols for people who don’t know, long-time ESPN employee, replaced in her most prominent job by Maria Taylor.

She gets recorded. The camera is in her hotel room; she doesn’t know it’s on. She gets recorded saying that Maria Taylor is getting the job because she’s black, and then about an hour ago — because of diversity initiatives. About an hour ago in the ultimate irony here, Rachel Nichols, by the way, who has been lecturing all sports fans that, for instance, it’s the right move to pull the NBA All-Star Game out of Charlotte over transgender bathroom issues, even she’s not woke enough. She’s now lost her sideline reporting job for the NBA Finals that begins as well. What’s the lesson here to you from the Rachel Nichols mess?

MEGYN: The people who are the most woke have the most to hide. (laughs) I mean, invariably this is how it comes down. The ones who are out there judging everyone with no forgiveness in their heart for everybody, tend to be the worse behind the scenes. Hello, Chrissy Teigen. I’m lookin’ at you. So I don’t… You know me, Clay. I don’t follow sports.

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