CLAY & BUCK: Libs Embrace ‘Your Vaccine Papers, Please’


BUCK: It’s impossible to live through this current moment of vaccine mandates in New York City — which are happening. I’m already hearing from people. I’m hearing from restaurants. They’re gonna do the papers. “Papers, please.” Show me your vaccine papers, if you want to go into bars, restaurants.

They’re actually gonna do this, which is mind-blowing, but it’s where we are. But, Clay, when people in the past have had fights about things like a national gun registry, they would always say, “Oh, come on! The government just wants to do that to keep everybody safe. They would never use that against us!”

CLAY: Right.

BUCK: If you trust this government with your vaccine mandates, you trust this government with your gun registry, there’s so many places now where you see there is a tyrannical momentum here. The tyrannical impulse of the left has been on full display, and if you let them get away with this stuff, they keep going. It’s not like they get tired of it.

They like it, they want more of it, which is why the pushback — and, as we just said, the noncompliance, which is also tied together — is so essential. But, Clay, I think it’s gonna get ugly. I think people are gonna start getting dragged out of buildings. We’ve already seen a little bit of that.

But it’s gonna get uglier, because I’m sorry, if you think a Plexiglas piece between you and somebody else is protecting you from an aerosolized virus that’s at a level of microns that’s blowing around in the air, you’re just not very smart, and people should not have to live based upon the fears of others’ ignorance.

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