CLAY & BUCK: Joy Behar the ‘Dumbest Person on Television’

Clay Travis & Buck Sexton dedicated a little airtime to discuss vaccines – and how Joy Behar doesn’t know what she’s talking about. In fact, they give her the title of dumbest person on television.

BEHAR (sound clip): Okay. Rand Paul is a third-rate party hack who, by the way, got covid, is lucky to be alive, and then refused to take the vaccine afterwards. Uhhh… (sputters) If anyone is responsible for all the deaths that have occurred, uhhh, since covid began, it is more of these lying party hacks like Rand Paul who have demonized masks and then demonized vaccines. And they know who they are. Uh, he should be thanking Fauci instead of accusing him of — of — of murder. My God.

BUCK: Behar is actually impressive, Clay. She may very well be the dumbest person on television speaking about current events, which is a crowded field!

CLAY: Very crowded.

BUCK: There’s a lot of names we could throw in there. She may be the dumbest person on television who discusses news, at least. I wouldn’t buy like a salad chopper from her.

CLAY: (laughing)

BUCK: But in news she’s clearly in a league of her own. But she’s actually doing her job. Her role on that show — and the role, I would argue, of CNN anchors and people who work at the New York Times — is to push a narrative about this stuff. So that there is political momentum and political use for those who are lockdowners, Fauci-ites, and that they can transfer that into midterm victories, more rules, more regulations.

There is this whole change, this shift in control that we’ve accepted as a society, unfortunately, over the last 18 months, and this want to perpetuate that. And they’ve already started to try to talk about how we can move to the next level. We’ll get on to climate change. We’ll get on to gun violence. We’ll get on to racial inequity, whatever it is. But the equivalent of mobilizing for war like we did for covid is what they want to do for everything else on the leftist-Marxist wish list. That’s the plan.

CLAY: It is so, to me… You heard Rand Paul and then you heard Joy Behar. How transparently dishonest is her take on what Rand Paul is saying. You heard him talk to you, all of you out there listening yesterday, and you just heard that clip. And if you didn’t hear Rand Paul talk himself and you just heard Joy Behar — as, Buck, millions of people do — you might trust her. You might believe her. We talk, for those of you out there who have the “red pill moment,” The Matrix reference — great movie, by the way, that I’m watching with my kids all over again.

Listen to the full segment: Paul and DeSantis Vs. Behar: Who’s Smart?