CLAY & BUCK: Dr. Fauci Turns Down Our Invitation Again


BUCK: We have an update from Dr. Fauci. It seemed as though yesterday maybe Clay and I had shamed the NIAD comms office into giving us an opportunity. At first it was a “no,” a “no forever,” and then it was we need more details, and now I think the latest is that we’re back at “probably no forever,” but we’re not gonna give up easily, Clay. We are a persistent bunch here on the Clay and bunk show.

CLAY: Can they text us the latest email, ’cause I need to hear “Dr. Buck Fauci” reading the latest correspondence from Fauci. So, as a rehash from what happened yesterday, we requested Fauci, what, like couple weeks ago, probably, and finally got an answer, and it was that he was overwhelmingly busy. Although did you see today –

BUCK: But he’s available for photo shoots.

CLAY: Yeah. Yes.

BUCK: He’s like an underwear model now, Dr. Fauci. I don’t know if you know this.

CLAY: (laughing)

BUCK: He’s got abs. He wants to show his abs.

CLAY: The New York Times… There’s a documentary coming out called simply “Fauci,” which is a hagiography of Dr. Fauci’s career. And the New York Times had him sit for a clear photo shoot. He’s all made up and it’s totally ridiculous, and so we read that he was overwhelmingly busy and we talked about it on the show, and then we got another email where they were like, “Hold on.” After we had ridiculed… ‘Cause look, the truth of the matter is this. Fauci does every possible media source that is friendly to him under the sun. And we legitimately have questions we’d like to ask.

BUCK: This just goes to the whole pretense here, which is that he is not a partisan actor; he has no politics.

CLAY: That’s exactly right.

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