CLAY & BUCK: Democrats Not ‘All In’ On Freedom for Cuba

Clay Travis and Buck Sexton hit the airwaves to discuss the protests in Cuba – and how Democrats are obviously not all in on freedom for the communist country.

BUCK: — this State Department or Biden would be calling for the 82nd Airborne to land and take over the country. But because it’s Cubans and the Cuba-American population doesn’t fit into the tidy Democrat mold of what a minority population is supposed to be — because there is a lot of, I think, shame that should be attached to the Democrat Party’s approach to Cuba over the last 50-plus years — there’s this, “Okay, we want freedom.” And I know you pointed out to me, Clay, the statement from Biden. They’re going through the motions, but they’re not all-in on Cuban freedom in the Democrat Party, not even close.

CLAY: There’s a headline up on Politico right now, “Protests in Cuba May Pose a Big Test for Biden and Florida Democrats.” And I just popped out a tweet saying, “If supporting protests in a communist country in favor of freedom and democracy is a, quote, ‘big test for you,’ your party’s morally bankrupt.” And building on what you have said, remember that Colin Kaepernick, the patron saint of anti-American sentiment in much of pop culture in the United States?

When he began to kneel for the national anthem, the day that he did that, the day that he refused to stand for the national anthem, he showed up in a Castro shirt, literally showed up in a Castro T-shirt, right after refusing to stand for the national anthem. And like many leftists, he then praised everything in Cuba.

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