CLAY & BUCK: C&B Predict Mask Mandate Comeback

The boys are back to discuss a series of mask and vax mandates rolling out across the country.

BUCK: Here’s an example of it from the mayor of the largest city in America, Bill de Blasio, talking about how employees, you’re gonna have to mask up and get covid testing and all kinds of stuff if you don’t get the shot.

DE BLASIO (sound clip): If you are unvaccinated and you are a city employee, beginning on Monday, you must either wear a mask indoors at your work site at all times or — if you would prefer not to — you have to immediately go get vaccinated. This is very, very clear. We will have to, unfortunately, be very tough. If a city government employee does not wear a mask indoors and they are unvaccinated, there unfortunately will have to be consequences because we have to take [it] seriously. If someone’s unvaccinated, unfortunately, they pose a threat to themselves, but they also have the greater chance of spreading the disease.

BUCK: I think you’re gonna see this. St. Louis brought back the mandate. Other places have a mask mandate for everyone. But I think you’re gonna see more city governments with this in place now.

CLAY: I feel like — and this is going to be the case, because I’m not just trying to brag on us, but I think we have the smartest show in radio, period. We are going to be a couple of weeks to a month ahead, oftentimes, of where stories are and we’re gonna be looking around the corner telling you where stories are headed.

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