CLAY & BUCK: Biden Reinstates Trump’s Remain In Mexico Policy


BUCK: Biden’s saying one-in-four Americans struggle to afford drugs. True. Okay. Democrats are not gonna make that better, but they’ll tell you they will. Anything but a focus on the various areas of Biden regime failure, including the Remain in Mexico policy’s reinstatement. Now, let’s be very clear. They said defund the police, and now they’ve had to refund the police because it was so catastrophic in its effects.

See, Democrats have all these ideas. It’s like the faculty lounge is running the country, right? They have these ideas that sound interesting, but they don’t take into account history, human nature, rationality or data, but other than that really rooted in what’s gonna allow them to make good policy choices. So they’ve been catastrophically stupid on criminal justice, policing — and the attendant increase in violence in cities is something we’re all very aware of now, and they’ve had to roll that back.

They’ve also had to put back into place the Remain in Mexico policy that was one of the first things Biden got rid of when he came into office, ’cause “it was inhumane, it was inhumane.” It’s not inhumane. Living in Mexico for a while is not inhumane. People actually go there on vacation. It’s a nice country. So it was crazy that they did this. And now they’re getting rid of at least parts of the program today.

And here is, I think, a name you’re gonna be hearing more of. Kari Lake, who is running for governor in Arizona, gave a great interview over the weekend on the Timcast show, and here she is saying, “Hey, remember that wall? Maybe the states that are run by reasonable Republicans should actually do something about helping with the wall.”

LAKE: First of all, we need to sue the federal government for failing to protect us. And while that lawsuit is working its way through the system, let’s go down and set the wall. We have many miles of Arizona state land we could be building on and let’s finish the little gaps even though coming through a funnel where there’s a gap in the president’s wall, and it is on federal land but let’s build the wall anyway, what’s Joe Biden gonna do? Arrest the sitting governor? I mean, honestly.

TIM: (laughing) You think he would?

LAKE: I would welcome that challenge because he’s failing at his duty.

BUCK: By the way, I think the answer is yes. If you challenge this regime on a political issue enough, they would send to arrest the sitting governor. Would they do it over the building of a wall on federal land by a state authority that’s saying, “Look, this is to protect the people living within this state”? That I can’t say. But, Clay, this is the issue the Democrats, they are not gonna be able to stop the break in the dam here to plug it easily ’cause everyone sees the Biden administration’s immigration policies are a massive failure, a catastrophic failure.

CLAY: The number one issue that Americans most repudiate the Joe Biden administration on is the border. Democrats say that Joe Biden is doing a bad job on the border. Let me repeat that. Democrats, independents overwhelmingly, Republicans too. And what’s funny about this — and it would be more humorous if it wasn’t so sad — is most of the media is not even gonna cover this. Remember when AOC showed up at the border dressed all in white and extended her hand with all of her fellow Squad members, and they were crying, crying over what was going on at the border.

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