CLAY & BUCK: Biden Owns The Worst Foreign Policy Debacle in Decades

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BUCK: We’re gonna talk about the surrounding of the airport in Kabul. We’re going to discuss how we got to this point. The Biden administration on vacation right now, Joe Biden, along with some of his other senior staff while people are seen on video at Kabul airport scrambling across the tarmac trying to get aboard U.S. Air Force jets evacuating people.

This is a disaster the Biden administration promised us would not happen. This is the catastrophe we were told, “the smartest guys and gals in the room,” so to speak, will avoid; and yet here we are. We’ll break down every aspect of this. And then later on in the show, we’ll be joined by our friend Sean Parnell, former U.S. Army combat veteran who served in Afghanistan.

Also, our friend Matt Walsh from The Daily Wire will be here in the third hour talk about some foreign policy and also some covid policy here at home. Plus, the Obama birthday party seems like there was some serious spreading of covid that went on, but it was a sophisticated spreading of covid at the Obama birthday party. We’ll get into all of that and more today with you.

But let’s just start with this. It would be hard to think of a bigger blunder, a bigger foreign policy mess in the first year of a presidency than what you are seeing right now unfold in Afghanistan. There are so many aspects of this. What’s happening right now is that the Taliban is in control. They have photos of themselves — video — in the presidential palace in Kabul, the capital city.

They’ve seized all the major provincial capitals. They have done it in a matter of days. A breathtaking Taliban blitzkrieg the likes of which nobody at the top level of the federal government was predicting. And yet now we’re to be told that somehow this is the Biden administration knowing what’s going on? Now it’s Trump’s fault? They’re scrambling for any defense whatsoever.

Listen Now: Biden Owns The Worst Foreign Policy Debacle in Decades