CLAY & BUCK: AOC Isn’t a Scientist, So She Shouldn’t Talk About Climate


BUCK: Clay and I making sense of all the madness today, including AOC championing “menstruating-persons rights.” This is a term now you’re supposed to use. That won’t offend people. Let’s just refer to a woman’s cycle all the time without referring to a woman, and this is a member of Congress, folks.

Plus, Biden is pushing the climate change lunacy: 50%, roughly, solar energy for the U.S. by 2050, they’re saying. We got four Taliban members swapped out for Bowe Bergdahl by the Obama administration — we all remember that — now running essentially the Afghan government. They’re like the cabinet. And you got the Robert E. Lee statue taken down, historic statue. Pelosi is calling Afghanistan “a historic and remarkable withdrawal.” So we got… Oh, and Manchin on the spending. Clay gets excited on the spending.

CLAY: I am excited to see what’s gonna happen.

BUCK: Let’s talk about that in just a little bit. That’s all coming your way. But I mentioned to you before the break that climate change is the place the Democrats want to go next. They’re not gonna get off the total control of pandemic Fauciism until they can transfer this mass mobilization and authoritarianism to climate change ’cause then it’s existential; they can control every aspect of your life. They’re just telling us this is what they want to do.

OCASIO-CORTEZ: If our entire world and our entire, uh, society is going to shift because of climate change, it’s a matter of how it’s going to shift. So basically, if we do nothing to address climate change, we are going to see the continued destruction of our supply chains. We are going to see our crops not be able to grow in the same way. We will see our infrastructure begin to crumble away. We will see us not… We will see, you know, the continual protil – uh, continuation proliferation of other future pandemics as well. And so that is how our life could change if we do nothing.

BUCK: Could we get all the trolls online to just go, “AOC is not a scientist”? ‘Cause that’s what they do with us. How could it be any dumber than what she just said?

Listen: AOC Isn’t a Scientist, So She Shouldn’t Talk About Climate