CLAY & BUCK: An Unmitigated Disaster at the Border


BUCK: This is Buck, and at the border right now you have the Biden crisis continuing. Now, there are some things that a president has to deal with because of just luck or circumstance — a once-in-a-century pandemic, for example, at least when it starts. No one knows what’s going on; no one sees that coming.

But now we have a circumstance at the border where you can see exactly why the lawlessness continues to get worse. We were told — we had it on good authority from the so-called experts — that in the summer months of 2021, the border crossings would go down. There would be far fewer people ’cause it’s hot.

Well, it turns out that there’s a recognition among those who want to game and scheme our immigration system that now is a great time to come into the United States while Biden administration is completely flailing, does not want to fix the problem. You have to remember that. There’s things that are difficult to fix, and then there’s when the people who have the power to fix it choose not to.

And that’s what’s actually happening at the border right now. You have thousands — and, Clay, I know we’ve been exchanging texts over the weekend about this issue — thousands and thousands of Haitian migrants who are under a bridge at the Del Rio crossing in Texas, right where the Rio Grande River… It’s kind of at the center of the U.S.-Mexico border geographically.

And you have at one point they believe was up to 15,000 who have gathered in 100-degree heat. People are describing it as what seems to be a refugee camp. It’s like something out of a Third World war zone. There’s not enough sanitation, not enough food, not enough water, all gathered together. And, Clay, the initial media reporting was, “Oh, they fled Haiti because of what they always say about Central America,” or whatever.

“Oh, there’s an earthquake or there’s corruption. They have some… No, actually what they’re finding is that first of all, there are Cubans and Venezuelans and others there as well. But most of the Haitians who are there are part of a surge. And they’ve actually paid the cartels, they’ve been smuggled through Mexico. They were living in South America previously.

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