CLAY & BUCK: 1/6 Worse Than 9/11 ‘The Dumbest Argument I’ve Heard This Year’

Clay Travis and Buck Sexton spent some airtime discussing the latest lefty accusation that the riots at the Capitol were worse than the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

According to, “Buck revealed that former Bush-Cheney chief strategist and former ABC News pundit Matthew Dowd ranted — and just the latest leftist to do it — that January 6th events were “worse than 9/11.”

“I don’t like to take personal shots,” Buck said. “But this guy is one of the biggest jerks in political commentary. Dowd. He wants to make the case that January 6th, Clay, was worse than 9/11. I cannot believe somebody would say this out loud.”

Clay agreed with that sentiment, adding:

“I mean this is the stupidest — I mean, look. I understand that there are a lot of dumb people who get paid money to go on television. This is the dumbest — this might be the dumbest argument that I have heard this year.

Listen to the full segment over at by Clicking Here.