CHINA JOE HAS GOT TO GO: Majority of Americans Believe Biden is Compromised, a New Poll Shows

According to a new poll from Trafalgar/Convention of States, 64% of likely American voters think Ol’ Joe is in too deep with his Chinese business ties —he’s compromised, they say.

“Among those surveyed, 52.3% said it is very likely that Biden is compromised, while 36.4% said it is unlikely,” Newsmax reports. “More than one-third of Democrats polled believe the president is compromised, as well as 85.8% of Republicans and 72% of independents.”

“The American people — as we see in these numbers — see through the smoke and mirrors,” Mark Meckler, president of Convention of States Action, said. “They’re watching as the Biden administration’s policies benefit China more than our own country and conclude that the president is serving the interests of the Chinese Communist Party and must be compromised.”

“The only question is, Do our leaders in Washington have the courage to fully investigate this issue and let the chips fall where they may?” he added.