CHICAGO WOKE: Wealthy Neighborhoods Hire Private Police as Gun Violence Spikes

Wealthy neighborhoods in Chicago resorted to private security in recent months as crime in the Windy City spiraled out of control.

“Alarmed by growing numbers of carjackings and other street crimes, several affluent Chicago neighborhoods have signed up for patrols by armed off-duty police officers to create what some security companies are calling virtual gated communities,” posted the Wall Street Journal.

“One Chicago neighborhood is not waiting on police to help solve crime problems. CBS 2’s Shardaa Gray reports from Lincoln Park where they’re considering hiring their own security. A group of Lincoln Park residents want to hire a security company for four specific streets: Fullerton, Orchard, Arlington and Burling. Neighbors who live on those streets said they don’t feel private security will help crack down on crime,” added CBS News.

“I think the responsibility of protecting the neighborhood is the responsibility of the police, not private security,” said one resident.

“This is a very nice community and I think that those that might be demanding that are kind of overreacting,” explained another. 

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