CHICAGO DOPES! Illinois Dems Say Teen Riots Are a ‘Protest Against Segregation!’

An Illinois State Senator defended hundreds of rioting teenagers after the unruly mob descended on downtown Chicago over the weekend; calling the entire episode a “protest against segregation.”

“I would look at the behavior of young people as a political act and statement. It’s a mass protest against poverty and segregation,” posted Robert Peters on Twitter.

The backlash was immediate.

“The unaffected and ineffective people are the ones who always condone, defend, and justify insolent behavior. When it affects them directly, that’s when they cry out for justice,” responded another user.

“I thought it was Democrats who segregate everyone into identity groups and punish those who dare to hold an opinion that strays outside the group they were designated to,” added another.

In total, at least two people were shot during the riot.

Watch the carnage above.