CHICAGO BROKE: Mayor Requests $50 Million from Illinois for 1,400 Illegal Migrants

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is asking Illinois taxpayers for $50 million to provide emergency services for illegal migrants and asylum seekers in her city.

“The city is grateful to the state of Illinois for its partnership and collaboration on this mission to date, but we are simply unable to provide migrant services at today’s levels after February 1, 2023, if the state withdraws its financial support,” Lightfoot wrote in the letter.

“These funds will support the city’s resettling efforts for thousands of new arrivals for emergency shelter; diversion services; necessities like food and mobile showers; legal services; and provide for significant physical and behavioral support needs,” Lightfoot wrote.

At least 1,400 asylum-seekers have been dropped off in Chicago in the last 12 months by the Governors of Texas and Florida.

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