CHEDDAR BAY CHAMP: Jesse Kelly Gives Lauren Boebert ‘Hottest Woman in Congress’ Award, Red Lobster Gift Card

Some would have gone Sizzler —but not Jesse Kelly. No sir, a Red Lobster man and a Lauren Boebert fan.

Kelly awarded Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) his first official “Hottest Woman in Congress” award, gifting the congresswoman a plaque and a Red Lobster gift card for $27.43.

Multiple media outlets are reporting that Boebert may use the card to purchase the Parrot Isle Jumbo Shrimp, which is served in a signature piña colada sauce. But contradictory reports say it could just as easily be a Bar Harbor Lobster Bake or the popular “3 From The Sea” option, which includes a choice of soup or salad, an individual-sized starter, an entree and is a great value at just $15.99.

Hopefully the fact that Kelly spelled Boebert’s name wrong on the plaque, won’t void the gift card (they’re very strict over at the RL, so it’s anybody’s guess).

This story is developing…