CBS TRIES TO MAKE ‘FLURONA’ A THING: People Are ‘Sick of This Dumb Alarmist Sh-t’

Stop it, CBS LA. Seriously, right now.

CBS News is reporting the first case of an influenza/coronavirus hybrid —and they’ve even gone ahead and named it: ‘flurona.’  “The first case of flurona – the combination of both influenza and coronavirus – has been detected at the COVID-19 testing center across the street from the Getty Center,” CBS reports.

“The patient was described only as a teenage boy with mild symptoms who tested positive for both flu and COVID. He and his family had just returned from a trip to Cabo San Lucas, and he was the only member experiencing symptoms. He was the only one in his family to test positive for both viruses, but one of his parents has tested positive for COVID.”

So, to be clear, this isn’t some kind of mega strain —just a sick child with two different illnesses. 

The internet didn’t take kindly to CBS taking it upon itself to just name a new virus.

“Please for the love of god do not make “flurona” a thing, media people,” one tweet said.

“Flurona? Are you high? ‘Hey, this person got the flu and covid at the same time. We have to give it a really stupid name so people will think it’s novel and dangerous and not just what happens with multiple infectious diseases,’” another tweet read.

And finally…

“Sick of this dumb alarmist sh-t. Stop trying to make “flurona” happen.”