CARTELS IN CONTROL? Biden’s Bobble in Del Rio Clears Way for Smuggling Surge.

The influx of more than 12,000 Haitian immigrants in Del Rio, Texas has forced the Biden administration to pull resources from security checkpoints that typically deter cartel smuggling operations; 11 checkpoints have been dismantled.

According to Fox News, “In a misguided attempt to cover the Biden administration’s ineptness, DHS shut down Del Rio Sector’s five Border Patrol checkpoints and all six of the Laredo Sector checkpoints. They completely dismantled the second tier of defense against the smuggling of criminal aliens and drugs.”

“The agents from the checkpoints have been reassigned to transport, process and perform bridge security assignments,” Fox reports.  

Meanwhile, Mayor of Del Rio Bruno Lozano continues to rail against the Biden administration – including VP Kamala Harris – for their inaction.

“The VP is able to visit the fun events across the country, while American communities continue to grapple with failed immigration reform. Where is the visit to Del Rio, TX? @potus @cnn @FoxNews @USATODAY @GovAbbott @CBSNews @NBCNews”