‘CAREER ENDING BILL’: Trump Blasts McConnell, RINOs for Handing Dems a Victory on Guns

Former President Donald Trump hit TRUTH Social to blast Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and his fellow RINOs who voted to advance the bipartisan gun control bill.

Trump says it’s a “career ending bill.”

“Mitch McConnell’s push for Republican Senators to vote for Gun Control will be the final straw. Just like he gave away the Debt Ceiling and got NOTHING in return, or handed the Dems a great sound bite and victory with the Infrastructure Bill, which is actually all about the Green New Deal, he is now forcing approval of the FIRST STEP IN TAKING AWAY YOUR GUNS! Republican Senators SHOULD NOT VOTE FOR THIS CAREER ENDING BILL!!!” Trump said on TRUTH.

Despite forty-five’s opposition and warning, McConnell seems positive on the bill, releasing a statement from his office earlier this week.

“I support the bill text that Senator Cornyn and our colleagues have produced. For years, the far left falsely claimed that Congress could only address the terrible issue of mass murders by trampling on law-abiding Americans’ constitutional rights. This bill proves that false. Our colleagues have put together a commonsense package of popular steps that will help make these horrifying incidents less likely while fully upholding the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens.”