BUZZ-WORTHY: AOC City Council Minion Goes After NYPD’s Only Beekeeper

Far-left NYC city council candidate and AOC acolyte Tiffany Cabán doesn’t like the NYPD doing ‘Wholesome S**t” – that includes safely removing 25,000 bees from Times Square.

“That’s right. The NYPD has a beekeeper unit. Hot take: the NYPD should not have a beekeeper unit. #defundtheNYPD and fully fund a civilian workforce not known for terrorizing Black and brown folks with impunity,” Cabán said on Twitter.

Cabán also thinks this is a distraction – not just an example of a good cop doing a good job.

When he’s not beekeeping, which is most of the time, Officer Mays is a regular patrol cop.