BUNGLING BURGLARS: Watch 4 Masked Men Take On an ATM Machine–and the ATM Machine Wins

The Philadelphia Police Department is on the lookout for four men who took part in a brazen gunpoint robbery at a gas station in the Parkside section West Philadelphia.

Unfortunately for the stickup crew, they underestimated just how difficult it is to boost an ATM machine.

Watch the video of the bungling burglars below:

According to the police, the attempted robbery started at 2:30 AM on December 20th, 2022, when two vehicles pull up to the 52nd Street Gas Station located at 1501 N 52nd Street. Four males jump out and run into the convenience store. As one male points a gun at the store clerk, two others attempt to break into the ATM while the fourth man stands guard. The offenders flee the scene after failing to gain access to the ATM.