BUILDING THE WALL: Texas Signs Lease Agreement Authorizing Border Wall in Rio Grande Valley

Despite the Biden administration’s lack of interest in a southern border wall, state officials in Texas continue to push the project along and protect local communities.

The Texas General Land Office and the Texas Department of Public Safety have signed a lease agreement clearing the way for wall construction in the Rio Grande Valley.

“Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush announced the agreement as the latest effort to ‘mitigate the immigration crisis’ following Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s emergency declaration to complete the border wall,” Newsmax reports.

“Washington continues to ignore the Biden administration’s border crisis, leaving Texans no choice but to take matters into our own hands,” Bush said in a statement. “Lease revenue for this land directly benefits the most important asset in Texas – our schoolchildren.”

“As the border crisis continues to escalate, the lives of Texans are being endangered and we are at serious risk of losing revenue generated from leased lands along the Texas-Mexico border. I thank DPS for their partnership on this critical issue – working together, we will secure our border.”

The Texas Senate has approved $1.88 billion for border security.