‘BUCKLE UP’: Loesch UNLOADS on Mike Pence for Pushing Back on FBI Criticisms

While giving remarks at the Politics & Eggs’ event in New Hampshire, former Vice President Mike Pence said “calls to defund the the FBI are just as wrong as calls to defund the police.”

Watch the clip below:

Conservative radio host Dana Loesch responded to Pence’s remarks – and ABSOUTELY UNLOADED.

“Excuse me? Buckle up. The agency that tagged school board parents as “domestic terrorists?” That doctored emails, leaked to media, and otherwise weaponized authority for political targeting? “The attacks on the FBI must stop?” Pence thinks justifiable criticism is an attack?”

“Is Pence describing criticism as an “attack?” Where was this heat when parents were “attacked?” Where was this heat when norms protecting civil rights against politically-motivated surveillance were “attacked?”

“He says the GOP is the party of “law and order.” None of what I just listed is “law and order” and Americans not only have a RIGHT to vociferously criticize this, we have an OBLIGATION.”

“I am so damn tired of people pretending that legitimate criticism of federal abuse is universal criticism of ‘law and order.’ That dog don’t hunt, folks.”

“Stop conflating federal with local. Spending on federal law enforcement has skyrocketed over this years compared to state and local. Clearly reduced accountability of federal enforcement is now daily headline fodder.”

“Those who want to abuse power are eager to delegitimize genuine and deserved criticism or attempt for accountability as some cry of the left. If only there was equal heat for the abuse and abusers who got us to this point.”

“I thought Pence was a good VP for Trump as his personality was to enact POTUS’s agenda & fulfill his role as VP. Blaming Americans legitimately victimized by unaccountable bureaucracy is neither the smart nor effective way to go about this. You don’t want tea party 3.0.”

“We’re in for a stupidly annoying presidential primary cycle because all of these candidates want to lecture voters over justified outrage at egregious federal abuses as their way to set themselves apart from Trump.”