BUCK SLAP: Sexton Says Media Gives Hunter Biden a Pass Because They Are ‘Immune’ to His Awfulness

The First’s Buck Sexton weighed-in on the Megyn Kelly Show Monday about the ongoing scandals surrounding Hunter Biden; saying Americans have become “immune to his awfulness” because he’s “so terrible.”

“I think we have to think differently on the Right, a little bit, about double standards. We still have to point them out, but the double standard is the point. [The media] do this because they can. The hypocrisy isn’t some ugly little thing they want to hide… The other part of it is that I think Hunter Biden at some level – and this is a remarkable reality – is inoculated by his awfulness. He’s so terrible… it’s like we’ve become immune. It’s hard to sensationalize him at this point,” said Sexton.

Listen to Sexton above.