BUCK SHOT: Sexton Says Anyone Who Thinks Jan 6 Was an ‘Insurrection’ is an Idiot

Buck Sexton fired-back at the recent round of media pundits claiming the January 6th riots were worse than the 9/11 terror attacks this week; saying anyone who believes the incident was a full-fledged “insurrection” is an “idiot.”

From BuckSexton.com

There should be limits to how much stupidity the American people have to endure from the Democrat Party. Their ongoing obsession with the rowdy crowd of January 6th has crossed over into the pathological. Pelosi and her clownish minions in Congress don’t need a “Select Committee” to investigate, they need heavy doses of anxiety medication.

It was riot, libs. You usually love those. Calm down.

This past week marked what Democrat legacy media claimed was the “sixth month anniversary” of the January 6th “insurrection.” Are they toddlers? Do they mark their half birthdays too? An anniversary is something that happens yearly.

But the lib journos are apparently so desperate to distract from inflation, soaring gas prices, and Biden’s mediocre mumblings that they will invent reasons to take the news cycle back to January. Anything is better than letting the public see another Kamala interview on ABC.

Speaking of which, perhaps you’ve seen some of the world’s dumbest pundits (Dowd of ABC, Schmidt of MSNBC) making the rounds on tv in the past few days to claim that January 6th was worse than 9/11? Yes, that happened, twice. If you offered $1000 to a random person on the street to come up with something more viciously moronic to say, your money would be safe.

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