BUCK SHOT: ‘Mask Reversal is Bull**** And Everybody Knows It’

From BuckSexton.com

Mask mania is making a comeback, as predicted.

Democrats’ favorite cloth fetish mass hysteria was on a short hiatus while they tried to induce every person in America over the age of 12 to get a vaccine shot this past spring.

Fauci, Walensky– all the top lab coat tyrants were promising that vaccines would be the end the pandemic. So we got to 160 million Americans vaccinated- plus there’s at least 100 million of us who have natural immunity from infection- and do we get our basic freedom back? Nope, now they are trying to roll it back.

Somehow “the Science!” has changed dramatically- again- in the blink of an eye, right when the Biden White House wants it to. So convenient!

The CDC has changed the mask “recommendations” even for the vaccinated. Biden and his team are ordering you to mask up in COVID hot zones, peasants. I’m sure health authorities will be checking the stats daily to see what qualifies. Such idiocy is almost impressive.

Rationality be damned, the CDC is also going to make your kids mask up all day, every day in class for the 2021-2022 school year. Aren’t the teachers all vaccinated, you might ask? That’s your first mistake. If Dr. Fauci is going to keep you safe from COVID, you ask no questions. Those are the rules.

What really changed? Over the last 14 days, nationwide deaths are up 6% from COVID, and holding steady at under 300 a day, in a country of over 330 million. New York City currently has a couple hundred people in the hospital- total- with COVID. Los Angeles has 9 per 100,000 residents hospitalized with the disease.

If you think those are pandemic numbers that justify mask mandates, you should wear a helmet every time you get into a car and take baths with a snorkel.

Enough is enough. It’s time for mass noncompliance wherever needed.

The answer to mask mandates is for every rational person to treat the rules like Democrats treat our southern border: Pretend to agree, then totally nullify the system with blatant, widespread refusal to enforce anything.

Make everyone everywhere a mask mandate exists tell you to mask up. Force them to force you. See if they have the guts, make them demand it of you. Don’t let the neurotics and power mad authoritarians assume you’re with them.

And remember: the true red pill moment here is not in recognizing that the Democrats’ new mandatory vaccine and mask reversal policies are a grotesque overreach rooted in hysteria and lust for power-

it’s in realizing that the insanity of covid authoritarianism that is so obvious now has been there all along.