BUCK SHOT: Mandating COVID Vaccines for Children is Insane

From BuckSexton.com

The Fauci mindset is a mass mental illness. There’s no other way to see it at this point.

Six months ago, the CDC told us that if we got the shot, we’re done with COVID. You won’t get it, you won’t spread it. That’ what Dr. Walensky and company told us, repeatedly, to sell the program.

Now we know that was wishful thinking. In fact, you’re never really “fully vaccinated” because you have to get the shot every six months- maybe sooner than that- and possibly forever. And your kids do too.

The CDC’s ‘Mask Reversal’ is Bull**** and Everybody Knows It

They demand everyone, of all ages get vaxxed and boostered – plus lots of pointless masking on planes and other idiocy. This is the “new normal” they have been planning, and some of us have tried to warn you about.

If you object to any of this constant goal post moving, you’re a monster. That’s really what they think. You’re literally killing people by breathing. This a lib psychosis.

What about those who have natural immunity, or already gotten one round of COVID vaccines, or both? Do the Fauciites also view them as a threat to public safety, even though that’s wildly unscientific and just plain nuts?

Yes, of course they do.

Fauci has brainwashed half the country into total COVID analysis paralysis. They can’t think for themselves, and are terrified of those who can. You aren’t allowed to question any of this – or even demand accountability for the apparatus that makes all the decisions. It’s total compliance, or become Fauci’s public enemy #1.

If you point out how they were wrong before about stopping the spread, they don’t even know how long or how well the vaccines will work against Omicron (or how dangerours- or not- Omicron is)- their response basically amounts to “shut up peasant, take your shot!”

Dr. Fauci wants Republican’s to “Get Over It” and take Covid-19 Vaccine

That’s how the Fauciites react to all criticism now. They have government force at their disposal under the Biden regime, and they will use it more and more, as long as they can. They don’t tire of this. They luxuriate in the authoritarianism. It’s become like a drug, or a cult mantra.

“The power of Fauci compels you!” the libs all bleat in unison. It’s appalling.

In New York City’s most recently announced COVID policies, you have a preview of Fauciism’s terminus. Children aged 5-11 have to get the shot starting end of this month, or they will be barred from restaurants and public accommodations? And teenagers older than 12 will need proof of boosters?

This for a disease with an almost one-in-a-million chance of killing any child infected with it, and millions have already had and beaten. Kids are at no real risk of COVID- less so than they are drowning in the bath or being in a lethal car accident. You can’t live your life hiding from infinitesimal risks, but the Fauci acolytes abuse children in the name of protecting them.

Here’s the reality: Fauciism has failed spectacularly. Their mitigation strategies- masking, social distancing, wiping down groceries, “test and trace”- have been an abject absurdity that never put a dent in COVID surges. And while the vaccines are good for lowering hospitalization and mortality for those at risk (so please, get the shot if you’re 65 and up, have health issues and are at high risk)- we now see where all this is going.

The CDC is an Abomination of Bureaucratic Wrongness

Mandatory vaccines for all of us regardless of risk status, for years if not forever, because of panic and politics. The Biden regime will never allow for an honest accounting of what has happened. If they stay in power, the future will be a further descent into this madness.

Or we can kick the libs out of power, fire Fauci, and have a return to sanity- which means we treat this much more like we have approached the flu for decades. Those who are at high risk, are advised to get the shot, and scientists keep developing new shots and therapeutics.

Everyone else gets to go back to their normal existence, because we are never getting to zero COVID- it’s endemic, they now admit- and if they keep trying to make us do so, they’ll pull our society apart at the seams.

If nothing else, just remember: Fauci is the worst. He’s a lib hack bureaucrat more concerned with his CNN hits than with the Constitution. And millions of kids are being abused with masks that are useless and shots they don’t need because far too many parents are still listening to that vile lab coat tyrant.