BUCK SEXTON: The Kabul Catastrophe is All Biden’s Fault

From BuckSexton.com

The inept withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan is an almost incomprehensibly reckless blunder. It’s the biggest US foreign policy debacle in decades- and President Biden hasn’t even been in office a year. At this rate, he will be begging Trump to be reinstated soon.

The Taliban took the entirety of Afghanistan against almost no meaningful resistance. We spent close to a hundred billion dollars over two decades training and equipping 300,000+ Afghan army soldiers- and it all just melted away in an instant, like a Neocon mirage.

It didn’t have to be this way. A month ago Biden could have said that pull out was going to be a challenge, we should have no illusions about risks. There could have been planning to get our allies out to safety.

Instead of speaking the truth, Biden squinted into cameras and mumbled some nonsense about how it was all going to be fine, and nothing at all like the fall of Saigon. Now the whole world sees, it’s just like Saigon in 1975- only worse.

It’s starting to feel like just maybe the media didn’t really tell us the truth about the capabilities and wisdom of Joe Biden as Commander-in-Chief.

Turns out that putting a quasi-senile mediocrity at the top of the United States military chain of command was a really inexcusable idea despite the ruling class’s hurt feelings about “orange man bad.” Give it more time, Joe Biden is going to make Jimmy Carter look like a genius by comparison.

“But Trump wanted the withdrawal too!” isn’t the clever counterpoint the regime’s toadies in the media thinks it is. The Biden White House runs a military-intel apparatus costing hundreds of billions of dollars a year. Despite all that, Biden clearly had no idea what the hell was really going on in Afghanistan. And he made the call to pull out. This is on him.

Will there be accountability for this? Resignations? Probably not. And if you think the corporate media has learned any lessons about foisting Biden on us despite all common sense and history showing what an absurd mediocrity he is, think again. They’ll find a way to blame Trump for all this, then in 48 hours it’ll be back to Jan. 6 and Fauci tv.

The elites who breathlessly lied to you for 4 years about imaginary collusion with Russia to bring down a president are the same ones who promised you that Biden would restore America’s “standing and dignity” in the world They have no honor and are incapable of shame. That won’t change no matter what happens in Kabul.

It honestly defies belief how much the Biden White House has F***** this whole situation up. The scale of the blunder and implications for the future are almost incomprehensible.

Biden has always been a loser and fraud who is way out of his depth. With the fall of Kabul, we saw that proven once again, and tragically this time many people will pay for Biden’s incompetence with their lives.

Schoolchildren in 50 years will be learning about what happened in Kabul yesterday in the solemn tones of national disgrace.