BUCK: Biden Has Moved from Persuasion to Coercion on Vaccinations

When it comes to vaccinations, President Biden’s patience is wearing thin. But Buck Sexton thinks the latest mandates and divisive rhetoric have gone too far.

Sexton spoke with Co-Publisher of Human Events Will Chamberlain on the issue.

Buck asks Chamberlain, “What do you think the strategy is here, Will? What are the calculations that are going into the new Biden approach of ‘get vaccinated or we hate you and we’ll make your lives miserable?’

“I think it’s two-fold. I think one, it’s a lashing out of the Biden administration…and it’s rooted in a concession that they have failed to persuade people,” Chamberlain replied.

“The second thing is to distract from the failure of the Afghanistan withdrawal,” Chamberlain added.

Watch the interview below.