BREAKING NOW: Biden’s Surgeon General Tests Positive for COVID-19

Surgeon General Vivek Murthy confirmed Friday that he has tested positive for COVID-19 just days after his 4-year-old daughter contracted the virus.

“My four year old daughter who tested positive first is doing ok. Fevers are starting to improve. She’s still congested and is now hoarse from all the coughing, but thankfully she’s still smiling and enjoying her arts and crafts,” posted Murthy.

“We’ve tried to be safe but it’s tough when your kids are sick. You want to comfort them when they’re unwell. That often requires being close physically. We’d make that choice again, but I feel for those who struggle to balance protecting themselves with caring for family,” he added.

“Alice and I have mild symptoms. She has a headache and fatigue. I’m experiencing muscle aches, chills, and sore throat. Our breathing is fine, thankfully. It has been chaotic at home with all of us sick but I wouldn’t want to navigate this with anyone but Alice,” posted the Surgeon General. “So if you’ve done everything you can and gotten COVID-19 anyway, don’t beat yourself up. A lot of us are doing the best we can. And let’s not assume those who get sick are careless. We don’t know people’s circumstances. They may not be able to protect themselves the way we can.”

This is a developing story.