BREAKING: Illegal Border Crossings Reach Record High Under Biden

The number of migrants illegally entering the United States through the US-Mexico border reached a historic high under the Biden Administration in December.

According to the Federal Government, more than 216,000 people were stopped by Border Patrol Agents.

From Axios:

More than 216,000 migrants were stopped at the southwest border in December, marking an 11% increase from the previous month, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Of those, 36%, or more than 77,000 people, were from Cuba or Nicaragua.

Another 24%, or nearly 52,800 encounters, were from Mexico and northern Central America. That’s a 6% drop from December 2021. 

Meanwhile, Venezuelans, who previously constituted a part of the increase, continued to arrive at far lower numbers, CBP said, attributing it to the migration enforcement process that includes expulsions to Mexico.

The number of Venezuelans unlawfully crossing into the U.S. from Mexico was down 82% last month from September 2022, per the agency.