BREAKING: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Signs 15-Week Abortion Ban Into Law

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has officially signed a Florida bill banning abortions after 15 weeks. DeSantis held a news conference in Osceola County Thursday morning.

“We are here today to defend those that can’t defend themselves,” he said. “It is the most significant protection for life that’s been enacted in this state in a generation.”

“This is a statement of our values, that every life is important,” he added.

According to a local NBC affiliate, “the legislation specifically says a doctor may not perform an abortion ‘if the physician determines the gestational age of the fetus is more than 15 weeks.'”

“It does not grant exemptions for rape, incest or human trafficking. Exceptions include if the abortion is necessary to save a mother’s life or to prevent serious injury to the mother.”

Pro-life GOP members backed the Governor’s move.

“Being a parent even when you want your child is fundamentally a sacrifice. But it is a privilege. It is a gift that God has given us all. It is the highest gift that he can give us,” Rep. Randy Fine (R) said. “You’ve got two sets of rights that are fundamentally in conflict. You’ve got the right of a woman to do what she wants with her body. And you have the right of a baby to exist. And both of these rights cannot exist at the same time.”

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