BRAGG NIGHTMARE: NYC DA’s Top Prosecutor Says Violent Criminals ‘Not Bad Dudes’

Alvin Bragg’s office continued to spiral out of control this week with Fox News reporting his top prosecutor once claimed criminals in New York aren’t “bad dudes.”

From Fox News:

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg‘s chief prosecutor has argued for critical race theory ideology to be integrated into the criminal justice system as part of a “new paradigm of prosecution,” while claiming criminals are not necessarily “bad dudes,” Fox News Digital found. 

Chief Assistant District Attorney Meg Reiss was brought in to Bragg’s office in January 2022. Reiss has repeatedly said she is trying to “actually change… an understanding that people have about prosecution,” including their views about violence. 

“So one of the first things [to] do is change the language: ‘the bad dude.’ What does that mean? What are the circumstances of that person coming into the criminal justice system in the first place? And what is the background to that person?” she said in a 2017 interview unearthed by Fox News Digital. 

She continued, “And is there a solution, alternative solution for that person other than being incarcerated? So, I mean, that’s one of the fundamental places we have to start is what does that mean, ‘bad dude?'”