BOLD ‘FACE’ LIE: Whistleblower Says Facebook Lying, Knows Algorithms Amplify Hate

A former Facebook employee has filed multiple complaints with the Security and Exchange Commission claiming to have irrefutable proof that the social media giant knows their algorithms amplify divisive content.

According to CBS News, “the former employee says the documents prove the company knows its algorithms amplify polarizing and hateful content, adding that societies around the world are being torn apart, partly because of the social media company. Profit outweighs safety on Facebook, according to the former employee.”

“Ahead of the 2020 election, Facebook put safety systems in place in part to reduce the spread of misinformation. Most of those changes were turned off after the election. She says this is an example of Facebook prioritizing growth over safety and calls it a betrayal of democracy,” CBS adds.

Facebook has denied the allegations, but the whistleblower is preparing to reveal her identity and elaborate on her story on 60 Minutes.