BOEBERT BACK AT IT: ‘You’re Darn Right I Spoke Up and I Would Do it Again’

Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert spoke with The Ingraham Angle’s Laura Ingraham about her remarks during —and after— President Biden’s State of the Union address. Boebert’s now viral remarks challenging Biden on the 13 service members who lost their lives during the Afghanistan withdrawal had her labeled “classless” by the cowardice left.

“I want to remind everyone who may be concerned about me speaking up at the State of the Union that Joe Biden was 100% responsible for the deaths of the 13 brave service members we lost in Afghanistan. And last night, he took zero responsibility for it,” Boebert said on “The Ingraham Angle.”

“When Joe Biden started talking about flag-draped coffins, I got fired up. My mind went straight to the 13 soldiers that died in Afghanistan. The mother of one of those heroes lives in my district. She told me Joe Biden killed her son. So you’re darn right I spoke up. And if I could redo last night, I would absolutely do it again.”

Watch the clip below: