BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS: AOC Called for LESS Police in the NYC Subway in 2019

A recently resurfaced letter from Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other Democrats went viral on social media Thursday, showing the progressive politicians asking for less police on the NYC subway.

“Punishing the poor does not create a safer environment. Instead it threatens the very foundation of our community. That is why my New York colleagues and I wrote a letter to @NYGovCuomo asking him to help put an end to MTA’s dangerous policing policy. Check it out here,” posted AOC on Twitter.

“We write to ask for your attention regarding the MTA’s plan to hire five-hundred new police officers,” begins the letter. “Recent social media posts showing police officers brutalizing individuals in our subway demonstrate the need to focus on policing issues in the MTA system… Communities of color, both MTA riders and workers, bear the brunt of over-policing.”

“The subway system is now safer than before,” they wrote.

“Arresting hard-working people who cannot afford a $2.75 fare is, in effect, the criminalization of poverty,” the lawmakers claimed in the letter.