BLACKBURNNN: Watch Tennessee Senator Torch Biden on Iran, ‘It’s Time for Some Leadership’

Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) says Americans don’t want a new nuclear deal with Iran and it’s time for the Bien Administration to step up and fix this mess.

Blackburn spoke with Fox Business Network’s Varney & Company

“This is one of the most troubling things that this administration has done,” Blackburn said of the administration negotiating with the Russians during their invasion of Ukraine. “We saw how tentative they were and really very timid as they dealt with Afghanistan and the withdrawal. They made a debacle of that. They refused to move forward with sanctions on Russia in the fall. They refused sales of lethal aid in the fall to Ukraine. And now, you see what they’re doing here with having Russia try to negotiate a new Iran deal, and we don’t want a new Iran deal. And the thing is, we already have said no more Russian oil into our supply chain, but now they are trying to say, ‘OK, let’s go deal with Iran and make buying Iranian oil a part of our solution and then Venezuela.’ We ought not to be buying oil from any of these guys.”

She added, “It’s a time for clarity, it’s a time for leadership, and Joe Biden and this administration are not providing that for the U.S. or for the world.”

Watch the clip below: