BILL’S MESSAGE: O’Reilly Says Everyone Should ‘Celebrate the Promise of America’


Despite all the dishonesty and madness, the progressive left has imposed on America in the last five years, this is still the place to be if you want to construct a successful life. So, I am happy to celebrate July Fourth because I understand the nobility and promise of our country.

Others do not understand and that’s frustrating. But it’s also another excellent example of freedom. You can think what you like.

Because of the Great Depression in the 1930s, the dreams of my father and mother were limited to a lower-middle-class life. They were fearful of things beyond their control, like the economy. They were satisfied with a small house, one used car, taking orders at work. They did not try to “move up.”

But they wanted their son and daughter to have more options in the pursuit of happiness. So, they paid for private schooling.

My initial outlook upon graduating college was to settle into a middle-class life as all my ancestors had done for decades. I began teaching high school, earning a modest salary. But then I decided to go bigger. I wasn’t unhappy teaching, I just wanted to see the world and make money doing it.


The USA provided the roadmap and I followed it. The journey was hard, sometimes painful.  Worthy pursuits always are.  By working hard and being persistent, I succeeded. I am writing this message from a nice home overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. My late father could never have conceived of it.

This would not have occurred in Ireland or Japan or India. In fact, the only place it could have happened is in America.

Happy birthday. I understand.