BILLION DOLLAR BABY: Musk Says Okay, Fine He Will Buy Twitter for $44 Billion Dollars

The world’s richest man Elon Musk has agreed to buy Twitter for his original offer of $44 billion dollars; he will not have to go to trial if the deal goes through.

From The New York Post:

Twitter shares spiked more than 13% to $48.13 immediately following an earlier report of the agreement by Bloomberg and were halted for pending news. 

Musk sent a letter to Twitter with the offer, according to Bloomberg.

Twitter sued Musk over his refusal to go through with the deal in a trial that was set to open on Oct. 17. Musk was scheduled to be deposed by Twitter’s attorneys on Thursday and Friday this week, raising the prospect that the last-minute deal was made in part to avoid the deposition. 

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