BIDEN’S AMERICA: More than 1,000 Flights Canceled Every Day Since Christmas

President Biden confused countless Americans this week when he declared his administration has a “federal plan” to beat-back the Omicron COVID-variant despite saying the opposite just 24 hours earlier.

“One word of concern or encouragement for your team is that as you look towards federal solutions that will help alleviate the challenge, make sure that we do not let federal solutions stand in the way of state solutions,” Hutchinson said. “The production of 500 million rapid tests that will be distributed by the federal government is great, but obviously that dries up the supply chain for the solutions that we might offer as governor.”

“There is no federal solution. This gets solved at the state level,” the President told the Governor of Arkansas.

Biden offered a different opinion roughly 24 hours later.  

“My Administration has the back of every governor fighting COVID-19 in their state. Last week, I rolled out a federal plan to tackle Omicron by adding vaccination and booster capacity, hospital equipment, staff, and more. We’re going to get through this by working together,” said the President.