BIDEN’S AMERICA: Long Lines at Food Banks Return as Inflation Surges Nationwide

Americans are returning to food banks to cope with red-hot inflation this month as prices surge all over the United States for food, fuel, furniture, clothing, and other necessities.

From the Associated Press:

With gas prices soaring along with grocery costs, many people are seeking charitable food for the first time, and more are arriving on foot.

Inflation in the U.S. is at a 40-year high and gas prices have been surging since April 2020, with the average cost nationwide briefly hitting $5 a gallon in June. Rapidly rising rents and an end to federal COVID-19 relief have also taken a financial toll. 

The food banks, which had started to see some relief as people returned to work after pandemic shutdowns, are struggling to meet the latest need even as federal programs provide less food to distribute, grocery store donations wane and cash gifts don’t go nearly as far.