BIDEN’S AMERICA: Average Family to Pay an Extra $3,500 Due to Inflation

A new report from leading economists show the average US household will pay an extra $3,500 due to inflation.

Findings from the Penn Wharton Budget Model, a nonpartisan group at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, show that most U.S. households will need to allocate at least 6% more of their budget in order to sustain last year’s spending level on goods and services. That figure is even higher for low-income Americans, who need to increase their spending by at least 7%,” reports Fox News.

“The recent inflation burst is disproportionately hurting lower-income households, largely because they collectively spend more on energy – which has seen some of the wildest price swings over the past year – while wealthy Americans spend more on services, which has seen the smallest inflation increases,” adds Fox.

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