BIDEN to EUROPE: The President Will Travel to NATO, EU Headquarters in Brussels Next Week

President Biden will reportedly travel to the headquarters of NATO and the European Union next week to hold historic meetings as Vladimir Putin’s forces continue to wreak havoc in Ukraine.

“President Biden will attend an extraordinary NATO summit meeting in Brussels on March 24 and will also attend the European Union’s summit meeting the same day, White House and European officials said on Tuesday,” reports the New York Times.

“President Biden will travel to Brussels next week to attend the high-stakes gathering to discuss ongoing deterrence and defense efforts in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir V. Putin intensified his bombardment of civilian targets as his unprovoked invasion of the country entered its third week,” adds the newspaper.

“His goal is to meet face to face with his European counterparts and talk about where we are at this point in the conflict, in the invasion of Ukraine by Russia,’’ the White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, said Tuesday. “We’ve been incredibly aligned to date. That doesn’t happen by accident.”

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