‘BIDEN SHOULD BE SUED FOR MEDICAL MALPRACTICE’: Barrasso Goes Scorched Earth on Biden, Harris

Senator John Barrasso (R-WY) may not be the most recognizable name in the Senate, but after his Senate floor speech earlier this week, he’s definitely raised his reputation. Barrasso ripped into the Biden administration, COVID failures, record inflation —even VP Kamala Harris.

“Joe Biden now enters his second year in office with record high inflation, record high coronavirus cases and a record low approval rate,” he said. “Now, Joe Biden is breaking all kinds of records and each of these records reflects [an] America that is heading in the wrong direction.”

Barrasso says Americans care about two issues: cost of living and COVID in our communities.

 “[These] two issues are not even on the radar of Democrats in Washington, DC,” he accused. “In fact, Democrats have only made these problems worse.”

“[Biden] ought to be sued for medical malpractice… He came into office with two safe and effective vaccines. Millions of people had already been vaccinated. Yet more Americans have now died from coronavirus under President Joe Biden than under the previous president.”

Barrasso also went after Vice President Harris for ducking questions on the administration’s use of the phrase “transitory inflation.”

“So what did we hear from the vice president in response to this question [that] has been a great concern to the American people?” he asked. 

“What we heard was 118 words of incoherent rambling, like a deer in the headlights on a basic question on the top issue of the day, either the vice president is out of touch with the needs of the American people, or she just didn’t want to admit that the Biden administration had been wrong month after month after month until the inflation numbers hit a 40 year high.”

“The two biggest concerns are the coronavirus and their communities and the cost of living that impacts on the people every day,” Barrasso concluded. “Democrats are failing on both.”

Watch the full clip below: