‘BIDEN SCREWED UP’: Cotton Blasts Biden on Afghan Vetting Process, Allies Left Behind

It’s no secret Senator Tom Cotton (R-AK) strongly disapproves of Biden’s actions in Afghanistan. Cotton was recently interviewed by Fox & Friends where he discussed the many failings of the President and his top generals, including the dangerous vetting process of Afghan refugees.

“Joe Biden screwed it up coming and going,” Cotton said. “So first, we left a lot of people in Afghanistan who should’ve gotten out. Second, we brought a lot of people out who we shouldn’t have brought out.”

“There’s really no vetting. It’s hard to do in Afghanistan…I mean, Afghanistan’s a third-world country. You don’t just call up the FBI, the high school, or the local police, so we have almost no way to vet these people.,” Cotton added.

The Senator from Arkansas also blasted Biden back in August for the botched withdrawal of American forces and for keeping promises to the Taliban.

“Joe Biden promised the Taliban America would leave by August 31. Joe Biden promised American citizens in Afghanistan he would stay until he got them out. When the rubber hit the road, Joe Biden kept his promise to the Taliban and broke his promise to Americans,”