BIDEN-MATIC: On Border or Anything, He’ll Sign Whatever They Put in Front of Him | Steve Berman

President Joe Biden loses ten votes a day. It’s not his fault. Nothing is his fault. Biden-matic glides through his days, spending his mornings re-learning what happened yesterday (what day is it?) since he slept, signing or reading whatever his caretakers place before him, and winding up before “sundowning” hits. Meanwhile, Americans are facing some harsh realities. Democrat-controlled cities like Chicago and New York are overrun with migrants from the southern border. The most brilliant politician in the country, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, ensures that these “sanctuary cities” with “guaranteed shelter” laws feel the same pain border towns and counties feel.

These migrants aren’t allowed to work. But they are allowed to steal. So they steal, a lot. The smart migrants aren’t the ones doing the looting. They leave that to petty thugs, who get arrested and released to do more crime the same day (by the DA who is so proud to have convicted Donald Trump of 34 felonies). The migrants are the ones selling the stolen goods on the street, to get cash (when their free meal cash cards run out) to live. Meanwhile, residents of New York and other liberal cities can’t buy stuff because the stores are all shutting down and leaving town.

And the voters in those places can’t help but blame Joe Biden, because he’s the president and he’s the one who campaigned on ending all of his predecessor’s “inhumane” border policies. But when Biden loses votes over it, he will sign whatever nonsense is placed in front of him, like the Executive Order to “secure the border.”

Biden-matic is trying to lay the blame for the problems he caused at Congress’ feet. And yes, Congress hasn’t done anything. Congress hasn’t done anything for 40 years. In this divisive, partisan, toxic environment, expecting Congress to solve a decades-long festering problem, while most D-controlled cities in America are ready to let illegal immigrants vote (for Democrats), is just fantasy.

Joe Biden is not leading, he’s a feather in the wind, signing papers, reading speeches, begging voters to find any reason to vote for him, when the voters see hamburgers selling for $10, migrants flooding our cities, then traveling to their towns to commit crimes (though this is statistically not always the case, tell that to the parents of Laken Riley).

The things Biden criticized Trump for doing at the border, he’s now trying to blame on Republicans for not letting him do. But then Biden goes for it anyway, signing an order that will likely get overturned by a liberal federal judge before anything can really happen.

In business and in entertainment, Donald Trump is a hustler, who learned politics from people like Roger Stone, who know how the political snake-handlers work. Joe Biden has always been a political hustler, for 50 years. Now, because he can’t remember what day it is, or if his son Hunter is on trial for federal gun charges, or if he is vice president or President of the United States, it’s the snake-handlers who want another four years to keep Biden-matic in office who are calling the shots.

The border will not be secured by Biden-matic’s signed order. And Biden will still lose ten votes a day, because he’s incompetent. Meanwhile, the snake-handlers are working on the next thing for Biden-matic to sign.

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