‘BIDEN IS SO CLUELESS’: Palin Jabs Joe on Energy Crisis, ‘Can’t Wait Until the Red Wave’

In an exclsuive interivew with Just The News, former Governor and Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin blasted the Biden Administration’s energy policy, calling Joe “so clueless.”

“Republicans have really got to put pressure on the administration, even until that red wave is ushered in in the midterms,” Palin told a Just the News on Thursday. “Because Biden, as expected, he’ll be over in Saudi Arabia or somewhere foreign, begging them to tap their reserves so that we can import their energy sources when, of course, we have the supplies here.”

“God has so blessed our nation with these energy resources that we can responsibly develop, in fact, more responsibly than any other nation,” she added. “And we can’t wait until that red wave —even though it’s coming soon.”

Palin says Biden is to blame for the pain Americans are feeling at the pump.

“Biden is so clueless… about any of the solutions, and it’s common-sense solutions that just need to be applied,” she said. “You know, from day one when he got elected his administration kicked off, they undid all the good things President Trump had done.”

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