BIDEN DUCKING RITTENHOUSE: ‘I Reached Out to Him Several Times —Nothing’

Kyle Rittenhouse isn’t having any luck connecting with the Biden Administration to discuss the fallout from his court case: “I reached out to Joe Biden several times — crickets, nothing,” Rittenhouse says.

“Rittenhouse, now 19, joined “The Jenna Ellis Show” podcast Tuesday to voice his grievances at news organizations in the aftermath of his acquittal and called out the commander-in-chief for ignoring his requests to meet with him,” The New York Post reports.

“I’ve been all right, but it’s been a little difficult ‘cause with all the false narratives that were put out, where people called me a white supremacist, a murderer and racist, and all those other lies, I don’t know if somebody’s seen one of those articles or watched one of those news stories,” Rittenhouse said.

“I was attacked,” Rittenhouse said. “I was 17 years old. I was attacked and had to defend myself. I’m not a racist. I’m not a white supremacist. I’m not a domestic terrorist. I’m not a murderer, and anybody who wants to sit down and have a conversation, I’m more than open,” Rittenhouse added.

But Biden has no plans to sit down with Rittenhouse.

“He still hasn’t replied. So it just shows how much of a man he is to not sit down and talk.”