BIDEN BEGS: Joe Kills Critical U.S. Oil Projects, Turns to Russia and Saudi Arabia for Help

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) calls it a “whole new level of stupid.”

The Biden administration is looking to combat rising gas prices by pleading with OPEC to pump more oil. A controversial tactic, considering Biden has done everything in his power to sabotage and compromise American oil and gas.

“As one of his first acts as president, Biden revoked a permit from the Keystone XL Pipeline project allowing the planned pipeline to cross over from Canada into the United States. Biden’s action effectively killed the pipeline, costing thousands of jobs. If completed, the pipeline would have shipped over 800,000 barrels of oil a day from Alberta, Canada, to refineries on the Gulf Coast of Texas,” The Daily Wire reports.

Biden also suspended key oil and gas leases in Alaska back in June. Former President Donald Trump had planned to open the area for drilling.

Rep. Crenshaw blasted the Biden administration on Twitter saying, “Reaching a whole new level of stupid, the Biden administration asks OPEC (foreign oil) to increase production, while making every possible attempt to destroy CLEANER American oil and gas. Not just stupid, but anti-American.”